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Nearly 5 million homeowners can now save money on their mortgages

Refinancing your mortgage can drastically lower your monthly. Find out how much the refinance will cost you compared to how much it will save.. How to Determine If Now Is the Time to Refinance. Here's What a $1 Million Home Looks like in D.C., San Francisco, El Paso, and Other Big Cities.

Nearly 5 million homeowners can now save money on their mortgages published mon, Apr 1 2019 11:04 AM EDT Updated Mon, Apr 1 2019 6:02 PM EDT Diana Olick @in/dianaolick @DianaOlickCNBC @DianaOlick

At least 5.2 million homeowners with good credit and equity in their property could save an average of $215 each month by refinancing their mortgages, according to a NerdWallet analysis.

With rates coming down, borrowers can not only save money through a refinance, but more borrowers are likely to be eligible. Appraisals have been an issue in the housing market for buyers and refinancers. Home prices inflated so quickly that some appraisals were not keeping up. Now that home prices are cooling, that is the case less often.

Pay Off Mortgage Or Keep Cash? Nearly 5 million homeowners Can Now Save Money On Their Mortgages. A sharp drop in interest rates last week suddenly made millions more borrowers eligible to refinance their mortgages.. That is a nearly 50 percent increase in the size of that population in a single week.

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