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Serena & Venus Williams’ Father Can’t Speak, Is His Ex-Wife Trying To Take Him For Everything He’s Got?

We hear that Venus, who is a tad more introverted than her younger sister, is upset that Serena is staying out so late after the pair lost the U.S. Open While both sisters’ reps are saying that there’s no bad blood between the two, Venus hasn’t been pictured on Serena’s Instagram since the above.

Source: Ray Tamarra / Getty. The British press is going heavy on the absence from the stands of Williams’ 70-year-old dad and ex-coach richard williams, who stayed home in Hobe Sound with his much younger wife and their infant son instead of the traveling to London.

As Serena Williams seeks the Grand Slam, her father is not far from her thoughts. When Serena and venus williams retire, they will have left a white-dominated sport, and the cultural landscape, forever altered. Richard is 73. He is getting on. The family does not speak much about his health.

When Ollie was born, we decided to take a picture of him every day,’ says. things at the weekend – maybe dad and son go to football and mum and daughter go elsewhere – but the stipulation we had.

Serena and Venus Williams at ‘A Family Affair’ | Photo by Charmyonne Bailey for steed media yetunde price was the oldest sister of Serena and Venus Williams, who was a victim of a drive-by Hill’s first question to the panel ran emotions high when it came to Serena Williams’ turn to speak.

Finishing Up Florida

Serena Williams’ husband alexis ohanian has paid tribute to the Wimbledon tennis player in a very emotional post, after she lost out to The Reddit co-founder took to Instagram to pen an emotional tribute to Serena, saying that he couldn’t be prouder of the tennis champion despite her loss in the.

Serena and venus williams’ father, Richard Williams (74), recently had a stroke and has since been experiencing He thinks we are just going to take him back to the hospital, but that is not correct. We have to let nature take its course. I’ve been with him a long time so I know what he’s trying to say.

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Before Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams hit the grassy tennis court at Wimbledon in London, their father Richard Williams had a massive Richard’s current wife Lakeisha Williams allegedly confirmed the unfortunate news to RadarOnline revealing he was hospitalized last week and.

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