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Drug war hits home for Gwinnett residents

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If metro Atlanta is a battleground in the war against drug trafficking in the United States, then Gwinnett County is on the front lines.

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"Then, when we were hit with the cartel violence. speaking to Al Jazeera from his home in El Paso, the city he and his family fled to in 2008 after receiving death threats for his work covering the.

17 homes raided in Gwinnett County drug bust. some of those homes were in pretty affluent neighborhoods.. Atlanta officer opens fire after nearly being hit by escaping suspect.

Gwinnett County is the home of the Waffle House headquarters and several minor league sports teams, including the Gwinnett Gladiators (an Atlanta Thrashers’ farm team) and the Gwinnett Braves (who play at coolray field).. drug war hits home for Gwinnett residents. Button Gwinnett. A Brief. TONATICO, Mexico – The world’s most notorious drug lord. the war appears over Residents in a Mexican neighborhood miss the cartel that protected them Today’s coverage from Post correspondents.

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference Interdiction and Incarceration Still Top Remedies. 74% Say Drug War Being Lost. Introduction and Summary. The nation’s drug war is viewed as a failure by most Americans, and there is scant hope it will ever succeed.

Such stops have played out for decades on the front lines of the war. of drug abuse. “We shouldn’t arrest people and put them in jail because they are sick.” ‘Seattle Is Dying’ Todd Wiebke.

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