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Yep, it’s official: Fall is here. Now’s the time to finish up any last-minute maintenance projects and get your home and yard ready. Take care of these 12 tasks to get your home clean, warm and ready for the cool days to come. Exterior prep 1. Fix cracks in concrete and asphalt

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Tips to Get Your Home Ready For Spring 1. Check your gutters and downspouts: Whether you did this in the fall after all the leaves fell or not, there’s a good chance your gutters and downspouts need some care after the build-up of ice and snow. Do a perimeter check from the ground to make sure nothing has come loose or detached from the house.

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10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring. Blackwood Real Estate Advisors March 5, 2018. The sun is peeking out and the plants are starting to blossom, so it must be about time for spring chores again.

Once the ground has thawed and the trees begin to bud, it’s time to prepare your home for spring. On top of your regular spring cleaning, you’ll also want to consider these general home maintenance tips. Use our spring home maintenance checklist to make sure everything in your home from the basement to the roof is in tip-top shape.

If you don’t love spring cleaning, you’ll love our first piece of advice. The first tip for getting your home ready for the months ahead has nothing to do with cleaning itself: it’s all about your attitude. Spring cleaning is an opportunity to rethink your home layout, purge old items, and make your home more you.

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Spring Lawn Care - What To Do FIRST? If you live in a climate where your yard has been hibernating for months, then you’re probably ready for warmer weather and a hint of green outside your kitchen window. So, in preparation for children running on lush grass through spritzing sprinklers, use the five tips below to get your lawn ready for spring.

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